Apr 30, 2010

Beaded Bracelet, Spring Colors

Years ago I began beading this bracelet. 
To this day the colors thrill me. 

Have you ever thought about colors, 
how they move you, 
how they inspire you, 
how they sooth
or excite you?

I consider jewelry
of clothing
to be medicinal.

They support and inspire,
heal and nurture. 

Not just an adornment for the sake of decoration.
I am so happy that tonight I finished this piece
and can wear it!
I love the little dolphin clasps too~

Many of my artful friends took a peak at Anne's blog:
that I shared in my last post.
I decided to support her blog and explore the experience of doing a self portrait. 
If you would like to visit that post, please visit: Unconventional Beauties.
You may even like to join us with a post of your own. 
Who knows what gifts will be revealed in the process. 

Apr 13, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

recently a friend emailed a photo he took of me last summer
memories of:
the warmth of that day
the smell of the grass and clovers
our outdoor potluck
a stroll through the garden
inspired dreams of summer

also, to bath in the memory 
of that delicious feeling of laying on the earth
I sat down to make a drawing
surrounded my the music of my friends (Barnyard Riot) having band practice

today is gray
even snowflakes float by from time to time
plants attempt to grow
yet days are not warm enough
we are still in the tango between winter and spring
wishing you a lovely Spring!

photo by: Bill Boggs

Apr 2, 2010

Drawing Lessons

My dear friend Abigail gave me drawing lessons for my birthday! 
Lovingly and with patience she showed me the basics of drawing an oval and then a line down the center and another line across and a couple more for the nose and mouth. Showing me how to shade with a pencil and erase for highlights. I was amazed that when following some basic guidelines a face appears on the paper!
We have had two lessons.
drawing number one:

well, her eyes look a bit odd
and I don't care for her hair
the shading is too much
but I am amazed that with one lesson and a few hours of time
that a face comes to life
with the help of my dear friend Abigail!

Part of me wants to go back and change things
but for now I think I will just learn on a new drawing

drawing and lesson two:
(we used a photo of a woman for this drawing, the last one we made up as we went along)

I am much happier with this drawing.
I must say that as I begin, the drawing can look mighty terrible. 
With the use of an eraser and looking at details over and over again
a face slowly comes into (a certain amount of) balance. 

Drawing number three,
this one I did alone and looking at a photo.
My lovely art teacher has not seen this one yet:

I am having so much fun!

A couple of years ago I drew Little Miss Tipi
I would like to use her as a character for a children's book,
but for the life of me I can not recreate her. 
I am thinking that if i learn some basics like I am in these drawings, 
I might be able to draw Little Miss Tipi doing all the different things she does through out her day. 
Time will tell.
The good news is: Everyone can learn to draw!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend!