Jul 31, 2010

Born of Petals

It begins with a sketch:
then poetry and colors unfold:

being born in a cocoon made of petals

deep in the forest
treasures behold
petal by petal
cocoon takes hold
filled with protection
nutrition and more
essence is planted
her spirit and body are born
sunlight imbues
pink lavender golds
body and spirit are fused
a blossom born of petals

visit: National Geographic to see and read about flower petal nests!

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Jul 24, 2010

Another Star

first I see your face
deep inside my mind
pencil goes to the page
spirit starts to shine
who are you
I wonder
feeling who you are
colors then adhere
you are a brightness from another star

I have recently returned from Italia, jet lag still in tact.
I had a lovely visit with my sister and family. 
My niece, Sofia and I would draw at times. This elf man came to life in Italy.

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Jul 4, 2010

Depth and Deep, Never Sleep

depth and deep
they never sleep
always mingling with substance
gently submerging in presence
simply being with what is
depth and deep
they do not sleep
beneath what is conscious

prismacolor pencils, napkin bits, acrylic paints, graphite pencils, a wee bit of stamping in a moleskin
so much fun to mix and mingle medias.... and a wee bit scary too, and so it goes.

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