Aug 28, 2012

Feather Clan

the other day
at a farmer's market
i saw a little old man
perhaps 90 years of age and more
carrying two long feathers
so much taller than him
immediately i began this sketch
perhaps in another he was an elf

Aug 22, 2012

Original art for sale

last week I wandered Rocky Mountain Front
of Montana
where the prairies meet the mountains

I hiked each day
drove to a new canyon each day
found a lovely place to sit and create art each day

i looked at the light
felt the air
felt peace and vitality
the wilderness supported this

glacial waters can be the color of the lady above

the green of moss and grass 
inspired the fairy sprite above

I have listed each of these original paintings
for sale in my etsy shop
sunrise the first morning
of camping
Blackleaf Canyon:

Aug 14, 2012

Travel Art Supplies

if you were going away
for a couple of weeks....
what art supplies would you take?

This is what i am thinking of putting in a travel kit:

art journal with some pretreated pages (background colors and gesso)
derwent inktense pencils
sketch pencil, eraser and sharpener
Stabilo white ink pen
sharpie white ink pen
permanent black ink pen
a few markers; Copic and Tombow
some choice prismacolor pencils
is there anything i am missing?
look at what came in the mail!

I won a give away by the magically talented artist Jackie Morris!

each card is a treasure
thank you so much Jackie!

you can also find her on Facebook

Aug 12, 2012

Shared Glance

they looked at one another
a simply joy
and curiosity

sharing with Sunday Sketches
drawn with inktense pencils
then a wet brush to move the color about

Aug 7, 2012

Pink Lotus

with wings sprouting from the back of her heart
she rose from petals pink
a life of dancing on her toes
communing with butterflies
and all with wings

do you ever feel like painting tall thin pieces?
this is 6"x18"

lovely days
and nights
to you
our magical world
dressed in morning mist: